Charlotte Lapp headshot
Ending Exploitation Collaborative Statewide Manager

Charlotte Lapp is the Statewide Manager for the Ending Exploitation Collaborative (EEC), working to reduce sex trafficking and prostitution in Washington State. Throughout her career, Charlotte has worked to find points of intersection across varying industries to build partnerships that propel social activism forward. Prior to joining the EEC, Charlotte was the Director of Partnerships at Demand Abolition in Washington DC, an organization that focuses on sex buyer reduction nationally. At Demand Abolition, Charlotte managed an extensive network and engaged in federal policy to identify and execute strategies to reduce demand and hold sex buyers accountable. Charlotte began her career as the Anti-Trafficking Program Coordinator for the McCain Institute for International Leadership. As Program Coordinator, she worked to raise awareness of human trafficking nationally and convened different stakeholders across the anti-trafficking community to help find new points of interaction. 

Charlotte holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, with a concentration in social justice and inequalities, and a minor in Visual Arts from Loyola University New Orleans. She teaches yoga in her spare time.